What Should I Sell?


What Should You Sell Online?


A common mistake for new sellers is deciding what to sell based on a products popularity. In other words, thinking that whether or not a product is popular or a “top selling product” must mean it will be easy to sell. That might sound reasonable but the reality is pretty much the opposite.

Top selling products in markets like Amazon, Ebay or even in various search engines online usually mean one thing: HIGH COMPETITION. The more popular a product is, the more demand it has which always means…more people are trying to sell it. It’s not just the quantity of the competition that becomes an issue but the QUALITY of the competition. Popular mainstream products that make it on best selling lists attract BIG Retail stores with even bigger advertising budgets. This can make selling “top products” extremely expensive.

The Best Products To Sell Depends On YOUR Monthly Budget


When you’re trying to figure out the best products to sell you have to consider how much you can really afford to spend each month to sell that product. Some products are more expensive to try and sell than others. This surprises a lot of beginners because they assume that just because they plan to use ‘dropshipping’ that there won’t be any other costs associated with selling the products. Which isn’t true. In order to compete selling products on the internet you have to consider your competition, advertising costs, wholesale and more. Picking good products to sell involves doing a little bit of product research.
What’s your monthly budget? If you’re just starting out you may not have a whole lot of money to spend each month on your business. If your budget is really tight then you HAVE to do some research to find products you can really afford to sell. Popular mainstream products are some of the MOST EXPENSIVE product markets to break into as a beginner. Most of them require you to purchase in bulk quantities just so you can compete on a price level. Not only that, there’s so much competition in ‘top selling’ product markets that the advertising costs can be astronomical. I’m not kidding either.
It’s not uncommon for sellers in mainstream product markets to spend tens’ of thousands of dollars a month just on internet advertising. Most new sellers don’t have that kind of money to spend right out of the gate. Most new sellers don’t want to carry inventory right off the bat. They want to grow their business at a pace that is comfortable and make money doing it. That’s exactly why we show people how to find niche product markets. Niche products are almost always cheaper to sell and require the smallest startup budgets. They’re perfect for smaller home-based sellers looking to grow a solid profitable business.


Niche Products

Find Untapped Niche Markets


There are literally thousands of product niches that have yet to be tapped into by online sellers. Products that you don’t see commercials for on television. Products that bigger retailers can’t put on their shelves because they don’t have the room but yet they are products that appeal to specific groups of shoppers. These products are perfect for new sellers because they have very little competition, super-low advertising costs and allow you to really grow your business and become an established retailer in that market. That means YOU become the “go-to” online store for a particular niche market of consumers.

In the Sell Niches Bundle, you learn exactly how to find untapped niche markets. Even though the training is geared towards beginners it’s powerful information that you’ll use again and again.



Niche Benefits

Benefits of Selling Niche Products

1. Dropshipping Works: A lot of new sellers get discouraged with drop shipping because they pick bad products for drop shipping. Not all products are good for dropshipping. Niche products, however, work great with drop shipping.
2. Good Profit Margins: Mainstream products often require you to buy in volume just to get wholesale price discounts low enough to compete with other retailers. With Niche Products, your profit margins are generally between 15-50%.
3. Cheap Advertising: Advertising costs are like night and day between mainstream high competition products and lower demand niche products. Some niche markets can have effective promotions for penny’s on the dollar.
4. Good Traffic: Niche products are considered “low demand” products but low demand online is still thousands and thousands of shoppers a month! For smaller home-based sellers with low overhead costs “low demand” products can equal BIG money.

Find Your Niche with the Sell Niches Bundle

Discover Great Product Niche Markets





Product Research Training Made For Beginners


Don’t guess what to sell. Take the time NOW to learn how to pick great products to sell. If you try to pick products at random you are most likely going to spend a lot of money and make no sales at all. The internet is a HUGE marketplace so you have to do what the pro’s do when they want to pick products to sell. You have to do some product market research. We’ll show you how. We’ve put together the easiest product research methods you’ll find. Simple, powerful and very effective we’ll show you exactly how to pick the best products to sell in your online store or auctions. We won’t skip any fundamentals. The Sell Niches Bundle is made for beginners and designed to get you up-to-speed fast.



Highly Recommended By Industry Professionals



Chris Malta

Founder & CEO of Worldwide Brands, INC.

“I’m Chris Malta, founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands [Directory of Certified Wholesalers] and I also teach people how to become successful with their online business. I don’t just recommend the Sell Niches Bundle to my own personal students, I make it a REQUIREMENT. It’s that good. I want to make sure it’s perfectly clear that I ONLY recommend services I trust and have proven to really help my Members at Worldwdide Brands and my Students. In fact, I don’t make any money recommending the Sell Niches Bundle. I recommend it because it’s really easy-to-follow and very effective. It’s helped a lot of my New Members pick great products to sell right from the start. If you’re Beginner and not sure what to sell or how to do market research online then take a moment to at least learn the basics! Get the Sell Niches Bundle. It’s full of product research information you’ll use over and over again.” Chris Malta, Founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands, INC.



Learn Everything You Need To Know To Find Great Niches


The Sell Niches Bundle has been specifically designed to take you from “what should I sell?” to knowing exactly what product(s) you are going to build your business around. Using simple lessons and step-by-step tutorials we show you not only how the experts pick great products to sell but also teach you *why* you need to do it. When you spend the time NOW to learn how to do some very simple, but powerful, product research you can pick great niches to sell online again and again. It’s important information you’ll use in your online business from startup and well beyond.




Part 1: Basic Training Made Easy


You’ll start by learning simple, effective research methods designed to help anyone (at any experience level) find profitable niche markets to sell in. Simple Market Research: Niche Edition is highly recommended by leading online business companies and is the definitive Guide for beginners who are not sure what to sell. You’ll learn how to discover untapped niches and determine if a product is worth selling (or just as important) should be avoided. No Experience Required!

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Part 2: Get Started With Niche Ideas


After you’ve learned the basics you’ll dive right in to finding your niche. If you have trouble coming up with product ideas we have you covered! Using the Unique Niches Guide you’ll find tons of product niche ideas that have been hand-picked with online sellers in mind. We also throw in some preliminary keyword research, potential product add-on ideas, estimated demand and more all to help you kick-start your first research efforts!

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Part 3: Extra Help & More!


For those who want even MORE niche ideas we’ve included our Niche Drilldown Charts full of HUNDREDS of niche product ideas from a variety of product categories. You’ll also enjoy ACCESS to our Member’s Niche Research Center containing video tutorials, free research tools and more!

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The Niche Bundle

Research Now
For More Sales Later!

Take the time NOW to do a little bit of market research and you’ll be increasing your chances of making sales dramatically. Unlike most people who are so anxious to get started they just randomly pick a product they “think” will be a good seller, you’ll actually KNOW the products you are selling are the perfect niche market to break into. You’ll be able to build your store with confidence and position yourself to be the top seller in your niche!

Running a successful home business isn’t about picking products you personally like or think will be good to sell and then hoping for the best. If you are serious about making money selling products online then you need to do what professional sellers do…market research. We’ll show you how.

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