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What Are Some Online Store Niche Examples?






Examples of Niche Stores

Whether you sell on Amazon, Ebay or in an online store it helps if you know how to find “Niche Markets” that you can build a solid, profit generating business around. “Niche stores” are simply online stores that focus on selling specific products. They’re ideal for new home-based businesses because they’re usually low cost, low competition and lower-risk business models. Niche stores aren’t just good for beginners though. More and more professional sellers are finding untapped niche markets because the advertising is cheaper and the profit margins are usually better.

Below are some Niche Store Examples to illustrate 3 different niche store concepts…








niche-examples-1Niche Example 1:
Cater To Specific Interests


Some of the more successful “niche stores” (especially for beginners) are ones that focus on a specific type of product that appeals to a niche market of consumers. For example, “Infusion Pitchers” are used to add natural flavor from fruits, teas and other fresh ingredients into beverages. A niche store based on this product could be an online store dedicated to selling infusion products. You wouldn’t offer every kitchen item imaginable, you’re goal would be to attract people looking for *infusion* pitchers, decanters and infusion related items only.

Let’s look at the next example below…





niche-examples-2Niche Example 2:
Focus On A Segment


For this niche example, let’s say you wanted to break into the ‘gardening’ industry. Trying to open a ‘garden website’ that caters to every gardening need would be a waste of time. There’s too many products to keep track of and you’d be trying to compete directly with BIG Garden Retail chains.
However, does that mean you should stay away from the Gardening Industry? NO. It means look for a niche segment within that Industry that you CAN compete in. For example, theres a segment of garden consumers who LOVE traditional japanese gardening decor. So that would be a great niche store example. If you can’t become the “go-to” place for ALL garden decor, become the online store for a specific niche segment of that industry.





niche-examples-3Niche Example 3:
Trade or Skill Related


Another way to find niche market examples is focusing your product research on specific areas of interest. One big pool of niche ideas are career based niche products. Starting a store that caters to the needs of individuals in a particular trade or skillset.

A niche store example of this would be to become the ‘go-to’ place online for blacksmithing products. From hammers to anvils, a niche website catering to blacksmith enthusiasts could be lucrative.







Want More Niche Examples?


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