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Product Niche Ideas

what_is_a_nicheSelling Niche Products Online: What is a Niche?

Imagine for a moment that you have decided to sell fruit at a Farmers Market. You heard that the locals particularly love Green Delicous apples. So you show up with a barrel of green apples. Turns out you’re not alone. There are 100 other vendors with the same idea and some are selling bags of apples cheaper than you can sell 1 apple! Sigh.

So there you sit, the over-priced apple vendor, not making any sales. Occassionally, you hear someone pass by and say “I like red apples better than green.” Not many people say it, but they are sprinkled throughout the crowd. Even though there are less shoppers for red apples compared to green apple shoppers there are still people who want to buy red apples. Red apples, in this scenario, would be a niche market to sell to. Simply put, niche products are products that appeal to highly targeted “niche” groups of people. Niche products are items that usually don’t appeal to most people. While this may sound like a disadvantage to you as a retailer, as a home-based online seller niche markets can be real money makers.

Examples of Niche Products

niche_examples_CThere’s nothing particularly special about a “niche product” other than it’s a product line that appeals to a targeted group of shoppers. Big retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and etc. can’t afford to stock every product in the world so they sell mainstream popular products. They stock products that have a BIG customer base. As result, they don’t care much for niche markets.

If you’re a new online seller starting a store or selling on Amazon you have to always remember that the internet has millions of shoppers each with their own tastes, likes and dislikes. Niche markets may not have hundreds of thousands of customers like mainstream products do but they CAN have thousands of shoppers each and every month. Those sales can add up FAST!



Unique_Niches_2The Guide for Unique Product Niche Ideas!

There are actually lots of different niche markets for online sellers that have yet to be tapped into. Since most new sellers blindly pick products based on current popularity they rarely ever pick good profitable niches. As result, there is a treasure trove of undiscovered niches just waiting for sellers online.

Unique Niches is a great flip thru guide full of niche ideas. Many of the featured products have very affordable advertising costs making them product niches that would be good to consider if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your online business. It gives you hundreds of niche product examples, ideas and more. Use the featured Niches as a starting point for coming up with niche ideas on your own. It’s a great quick reference guide that comes as part of the Sell Niches Bundle.



100′s of Niche Product Ideas

For most new home based businesses it can appear that ‘every’ product is already being sold by too many other sellers. Using Unique Niches in conjunction with the Sell Niches bundle you’ll find the perfect niche that YOU can afford to sell on Amazon, eBay or in your online store.

You’ll find unique 100′s of product niche examples in popular product categories:

Arts & Crafts
Baby Items
Cameras & Optics
Health & Beauty
Home Decor
Kitchen & Dining
Toys & Games
…and more!


What are the Best Niche Products to Sell Online?

The question really shouldn’t be “what are the best niches to sell” but rather “what are the best product niches for YOU to sell online”. What may be a good product for 1 person to sell isn’t always good for another. Finding YOUR perfect niche market can ONLY be accomplished by taking a little bit of time to do some quick product market resarch. It’s simple enough for anyone to do no matter what your experience level. We’ll show you how!