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General FAQ

Are There Any Additional Costs?

NO. The Sell Niches Bundle is a complete training system. We don’t have any hidden, monthly or annual fees.

Do You Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. We don’t want anyone to who has bought our Bundle to not be satisfied. So try the Sell Niches Bundle for 60 days and if you don’t think it’s helped you, then simply delete your copies and links to avoid any processing delays, ask us for a refund and it will be granted in full.

Are You Sending Me Actual Books In the Mail?

No. Everything in the Sell Niches Bundle is digital so it can be instantly downloaded and used right after you order so you don’t have to wait. Right after you order you will be taken to the download links to immediately download your copy of the Sell Niches Bundle.

Are There Any Requirements?

Just the will to succeed! Just kidding, well actually that is true. As for system requirements everything in the Sell Niches Bundle will work for both Mac and PC users. It comes in .PDF format, so as long as you have Adobe Reader loaded on your Mac, PC or Tablet you should be able to open the Sell Niches Bundle. The Research Center is available online and will require internet to access it.


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