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Unique Dining Tables

In this Month’s 5-part Series we’re going to do some research on a potential niche market in the “Home Décor / Dining” category. We’ll be going over important research steps you can do BEFORE you attempt to sell anything online.

All research provided by the Sell Niches Bundle.

Product Categories Contain Many

Potential Niche Markets

When you consider the above image, a dining room itself isn’t that focused of a market. It contains many different focused product markets that could be broken down into ‘niche’ product markets. For example…

A: Dining Chairs         
B: Dining Tables          
C: Place Settings
D: Dining Room Art
E: Dining Lighting
F: Table Centerpieces

That’s just a few quick examples. There’s even more you could break down (such as dining room flooring, dining room rugs, dining storage, chair covers and etc.) When trying to identify a niche market, you’re drilling down from a category to more focused product markets. In other words, “home décor” is not a niche…it’s a big market of products. “Dining Room” is not a niche…it contains a variety of products.

For this niche idea Series, we’re going to look at “Dining Tables”. But during our research, we’re going to take it a bit further. Instead of just looking at “dining tables’ in general, we are going to go a step further and look at “unique dining tables”.

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Would it be a good idea?

Always remember, just because selling a product is possible, it DOES NOT mean it will be profitable.

A possible niche market in the home décor category could be an online store that offers unique, interesting dining tables. A niche themed store that offers a selection of non-standard dining room tables. From cool studio apt. sized tables to oversized grand hall tables it is possible to build a site that really taps into crazy, cool stylish tables. You could work hard building your website, marketing it and really try to become the ‘go-to- store for truly unique dining tables online. On the surface, it sounds like it might be a good idea for a niche website…but you don’t really know until you research

Just because it’s possible to sell something online it doesn’t mean you should. The truth is, anyone can build a website. Whether you pay someone to build it or learn to build it yourself, it can be done. However, launching an online store doesn’t mean you can compete in the current market. You’re entire business model, in many ways, is based on the product(s) you choose to sell. How much your marketing that product will actually cost, how many potential customers are there for it online, how much profit per sale could you make selling it online…these are all things you can find out BEFORE you ever spend money trying to start selling that product.

So before you can determine if selling “unique dining tables” is a good idea or not, you need to do some CURRENT market research. You need to take the time to learn what it would really be like to sell this product online before you commit to selling it, before you can say whether or not it’s a ‘good idea’.

…and that’s exactly what we are going to do with the help of the Sell Niches Bundle!

Coming Up…

Over the next few Newsletters we’ll be taking a closer look at the product research we found for Unique Dining Tables. We’ll discuss Wholesale, Demand and Competition Research we performed as well as look closer at an overall Summary of research for this potential product niche. When you take the time to do some current product research you can find a wealth of information about any product before you try to sell it online.

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