A Niche Example :

A niche store focuses on selling a particular type of product. Instead of trying to offer “everything to everyone” you try to be the BEST store for people shopping for that product niche. Let’s look at a niche example…

Let’s take a look at this Niche Example…

When you’re looking for the best products to sell online you need to resist the urge to “skip the research”. Many new sellers fail simply because they didn’t research to see if the products they wanted to sell were a good idea. Some products are harder to sell online than others. Some products are actually cheaper (or more expensive) to sell online. There are product markets that are great for new online sellers while others are a really bad idea to try and sell if you are just starting out. You can find out a wealth of information about any product before you try to sell it by simply taking the time to do some product research.

For this niche example, we are going to take a quick look at some important niche research steps and go over some of our findings when we researched “Camping Chairs” to see if they could be a profitable niche market online. We’ll walk you thru some research steps taught in the Sell Niches Bundle and even go over some of the Sell Niches Research Sheets we used when researching this niche example.

Focus On “Niches” NOT Categories

Finding a good niche to sell online starts by breaking down broader product categories. Every product category contains numerous potential niches. Your goal is to figure out what niche markets would be profitable for your online business. Using the Drilldown Guides (included in the Sell Niches Bundle) we looked at a number of product categories and potential niche markets. For this niche example though we wanted to see if we could find any good niche markets in the “Outdoor”  and “Camping” markets.

So we looked at a few camping niche examples…



There are a lot of niche examples in any product category. Most people think that when you start an online store you need to offer as many products as possible. In fact, if you were considering opening a camping online store your first instinct may be to offer as many different kinds of camping items as possible. “Camping” is not a niche. It’s a broad category which contains a number of niche products. Opening online stores that offer an array of products, right off the bat, can actually hurt you as a new retailer. First, it will instantly put you in direct competition with bigger retailers which have an established foothold in that market. Second, advertising costs will be much higher and less effective when you try to spread it out over multiple products . Third, offering multiple products when you launch your store can confuse the focus of any “SEO” efforts you do which make showing up in the search engines even more difficult. So what do you do? The answer is to identify a niche within that product category.

Possible vs. Profitable

Always remember, just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean you *should*. For example, having access to a Supplier doesn’t instantly make a product easy or profitable to sell online. Building a website doesn’t mean you’ll be able to compete selling anything you want to sell online. Looking at the niche examples in the “Camping” category, could you build a website selling camping packs? Or build a site around selling camp cookers, portable toilets or just camping chairs? Or course you could. It’s definitely possible to build a nice website but will it be profitable?

For example, you could build a great niche website that offers “Camping Chairs”.  A niche site that caters to comfortable seating when you go camping and offers camping chairs from compact to luxurious to satisfy the rear ends of campers in most any situation. You could become the “go-to” store online for camping chairs. But just because you “could” build that site you don’t know if you “should” until you’ve done some research. You need to find out if you can truly compete in the current online market selling those camping chairs BEFORE you spend time and money starting a business trying to sell them.

Let’s Look At Some Research…

1. Wholesale Research

You need to make sure you can actually find a Supplier for the product you’re researching. If you have access to a Wholesale Directory that’s great because you can focus your attention on “product research” instead of trying to find a supplier. We discuss finding good Suppliers in The Sell Niches Bundle but for now let’s just look at some of the Research you need to gather. In short, there’s a few important things you need to consider with your Wholesale Research. These include: Supplier Quality, Wholesale Cost, Shipping Fees and other possible fees associated with selling that product.

After we located a Certified Wholesaler that offers Camping Chairs we used the Sell Niches Research Sheets to begin organizing and entering important information from the wholesale supplier. We started by entering in all of the relevant supplier contact information. This comes in handy when you need to contact the Supplier later on. Next, we added wholesale pricing information such as: wholesale price, dropship fees and estimated shipping costs.

What we found out…

We were pleased to find out that the Supplier was very helpful in answering our questions and offering us pretty much any information we needed for our research. It’s important to note, Suppliers rarely ever post their real wholesale prices on their website. They actually often hide their wholesale information and only give to it those who ask. Even if they have prices on their website, don’t use those prices for your wholesale research. Instead, contact the Supplier and get them to send you their *real* wholesale price list.

Once we received their wholesale cost we also asked them about their shipping rates. You see, if a Supplier dropships, they often get better shipping rates because they do it a lot. As a result, they can usually give you a rough shipping estimate. If not, you can use the Shipping Estimator in the Sell Niches Research Sheets.

  • Wholesale Cost
  • Estimated Shipping and Fees
  • My Wholesale Total

2. Demand Research

Another important part of your research (that you can do BEFORE you try to sell that product) is look at that products actual demand online. Estimating a products demand online involves more than simply doing a keyword search for the product name. You need to build a strong keyword list. When done properly, doing focused “niche” demand research will provide you with a wealth of insights into that products actual customer base including customer base size, current advertising costs for that product and even the best keywords to focus on when building your site! If you end up selling that product, your demand research will be invaluable to your new online business in a number of ways.

What we found out…

In the Sell Niches Bundle we provide detailed instructions on how to find, pick and research good keywords for any product. We even provide keyword charts you can reference to help you quickly build a good keyword list. For this product, we started by researching a variety of keyword types that were relevant for this niche such as “camp chairs”, “air chairs” and even “portable chairs”. Ultimately we saw that “Camping Chairs” and it’s related keyword phrases were the more prominent searches being performed by people online so we based our initial research on those root keywords.

An important side note, along with gathering a list of keywords that were relevant for “Camping Chairs” we also gathered search counts AND bid prices. The bid prices are an important part of your research and can reveal a lot about the product you’re researching. We were pleased to find some compelling keywords that had very low bid prices which was very promising for this niche!

Estimated Demand (Monthly)

3. Competition Research

Now let’s take a look at some of the results of the competition research we gathered. In the Sell Niches Bundle, you’ll learn how to focus on just the *critical* parts of product research so that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time gathering information that (from a product standpoint) isn’t that relevant. When you’re done gathering your Competition Research you’ll have a good indication of how competitive that product market is currently online. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn new ways to break into that market if you end up selling that product.

What we found out…

The Sell Niches Research Sheets provide you with a quick way to organize research from 3 different Marketplaces online. In this niche example, we performed our initial Competition Research in marketplaces on Google, Bing and Yahoo. When you’re gathering your Competition Research you’ll start to see similar research results from Retailer to Retailer.

We found that the average “total” selling price for the Camping Chair we were researching was around $76. Even though some Retailers were initially showing a cheaper price, after doing the research steps, we could clearly see that most of the sellers were all selling for around the same price. This is important to note because for some products you’ll find there are a few high quality competitors who are able to sell that product for a lot cheaper than other sellers can. When this happens, you have to be cautious as it often indicates that niche market contains competitors who are buying in bulk quantities in order to get discounts (so they can afford to sell the product for less.) That makes it difficult if you plan to use a Drop shipper. For this niche example, though, we found that dropshipping could likely work very well.


Average Retail & Shipping Total

Quick Summary

Niche Example: Camping Chairs


Using the techniques and research sheets in the Sell Niches Bundle you can uncover a wealth of information on any product BEFORE you spend time and money trying to sell that product online. Taking the time to do product research first will be one of the best decisions you make for your online business and ensure you find a great niche to sell.

Our job at Sell Niches is to help beginners pick the best products to start selling online. We break down “niche research” into easy-to-follow steps so that literally *anyone* at *any skill level* can pick the best products to sell online. We even provide special Research Sheets made for online sellers that walk you thru the critical parts of researching any product and your research is then displayed in an easy-to-read Summary Sheet.

For our niche example “Camping Chairs” we found there to be some very positive research results. With each step in our research we began to see that not only is there enough interest from online shoppers but that there is definitely enough profit potential to make money selling camping chairs online. When you consider the fact that there are multiple camping chairs you could offer (each with their own profit potential) it’s not that hard to imagine building a sustainable online business specializing in camping chairs.

Profit Per Sale

Comparing our Wholesale Total and Average Retail Total.



The total searches from our keyword lists.



Comparing 3 different markets, Bing looked best!


Cheapest Ad

We found some really cheap ad prices for this niche example.


“I’m excited with the niche I’ve found!”

I really enjoyed the Sell Niches Bundle!  I was ready to throw my hands up and be done because i just could not seem to find a niche to stick with that i felt confident in. Well after this im really excited! The niche i found i dont think i could have come up with on my own or with the other “finding niche” resources i have used. and I have confidence in this niche because the market looks excellent as well as having a great profit potential. so thanks. so excited!

Jessica, Online Seller

Don’t Guess…

Know Exactly What To Sell

There are thousands of untapped niche markets perfect for home based sellers. Finding an “untapped” niche market is how professionals decide what to sell online and you can do it to. Using the techniques and research sheets in the Sell Niches Bundle you can uncover a wealth of information on any product BEFORE you spend time and money starting an online store trying to sell it. Taking the time to do product research first will be one of the best decisions you make for your online business.